If you grew up in Half Moon Bay, you probably feel as we do, that no matter what your current zip code, the coast will always be your home.  This is why the CCAA was formed; because we as alumni of Half Moon Bay High School want to continue our commitment  to our home town, and through service and volunteerism to support our community.  This is why we are asking all of you to help us…to help others.

If you still live locally, help us by donating your time to various causes we support, whether it be volunteering a few hours to pull weeds for our Seniors, helping to get fresh food and clothing to our needy, helping to refurbish the High School green houses to involve our children in growing fresh produce, or fun projects like being a monitor for the Pumpkin Fun Run.  We will always be looking for a way to help, and we will always be looking for volunteers to help us.

If you no longer live locally, you can assist us by donating monetarily for our cause.  We are a non-profit, and every penny you donate will be used to help alumni or the community, whether it be scholarships, education, or the multitudes of projects our alliance hopes to tackle.

If you are needy, let us help you.  And if you are not, help us to help those who are.

Nothing feels better than giving back.  Join us in helping Half Moon Bay and its alumni in all of our goals.  We thank you for joining us in our vision.

Go Cougars!

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