CCAA Launch Weekend-2013

The CCAA had their official launch weekend in May of 2013.  All board members were in attendance, flying from their home states to attend this special event in Half Moon Bay.  When we all gathered on Friday afternoon, there was nothing but smiles about our impending weekend of meetings, volunteerism, and fundraising.


Friends would meet us for dinner that evening as we discussed all the plans for the weekend.


     But Saturday morning it was “boots on the ground” in the early morning.  We met briefly for coffee before beginning our long and rewarding day.


     Our first meeting of the morning was with The Heal Project.  The CCAA and The Heal Project agreed to join forces in our desire to teach children how to grow fresh vegetables, and in doing so, encourage them to be involved in their community and in their own health.  It was a successful meeting.


    Following our meeting with The Heal Project, the CCAA board has a power lunch to make some important decisions.


    Our next meeting was with Fatima Soares of Coastside Hope.  This was also a successful meeting wherein the CCAA introduced our organization to them, and agreed join forces in aiding them to  feed the coastside needy.


     Next the board went to their old Alma Mater, Half Moon Bay High School, to tour the greenhouses.  Although already being used by the Heal Project, the CCAA toured them to see what we could do to clean them up and make them even more useful for our shared vision.


     Following the tour of the greenhouses, we met with the Principal of Half Moon Bay High School Ms. Allison Silvestri to see where the CCAA might aid the High School in their goals.  It was also a successful meeting.


    On Sunday morning it was once again “boots on the ground” in the early a.m. to volunteer for Senior Home Rehab day.  The CCAA and friends would help weed and do gardening for a senior in need.


We weeded, planted trees, and mostly had a wonderful time.


It was a successful and rewarding morning.


      But there would be no rest for the CCAA.  We were off to set up our booth at Rock the Block and do a little fundraising!


    We took donations as well as sell our very popular t-shirts.  “Keep Calm and Cougar on.”


    Our alliance had been launched on a sunny weekend in Half Moon Bay in May.  The board bonded with another and we no longer felt that we were just serving together, but that we had formed strong friendships.  We knew that this was only the beginning…..


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