2013 HMB Pumpkin Festival

The CCAA board came from far and wide in 2013 to attend the Pumpkin Festival!

Since most of the board members no longer live in Half Moon Bay–they come from all over the Bay Area– and even as far as Seattle and Florida–it is always a reunion when the Alliance gathers together for a special event.  And this weekend certainly qualified.

It would be a jam packed weekend filled with events, and everyone was excited to be a part of this special weekend.  Festivities began at the Homecoming game at Half Moon Bay High School.


And a wonderful time was had by all.


   It was thrilling for us to be back together at our school, where so many of us shared such precious memories.


    And our utter delight can be recorded on all of our happy faces.


    Following the game, the board checked into It’s Italia on Main Street for some good eats, and more catching up.



   On Saturday morning, the Alliance was up early to put up our booth at the Pumpkin Festival.


The women who tended the booth


     The CCAA sold snacks and drinks, as well as their now famous and much coveted “Keep Calm and Cougar On” t-shirts.


     One board member wore her t-shirt proudly as she sang on the Gazebo Stage with fellow Alumni Grant Walters and his band “Claddagh”


    As always, the Festival was a special time.. It was also wonderful to celebrate fellow Alumni Peter Hazel’s now famous mosaic pumpkin sculpture in the parade at noon.


     The board had a successful day at their booth, and we thank everyone for their generous donations to our cause.


     On Sunday morning, the CCAA volunteered to help with the Pumpkin Run. Our group would be course monitors and would be distributed along the three mile course.  Armed with thermos’ of coffee, the brave met in the darkness for this wonderful event.


The Alliance was spirited as always!


         From the High School football game– to the Pumpkin Festival– to the Pumpkin Run, the CCAA continued to introduce themselves to the community, volunteered for causes they supported, participated in fund raising, and had a wonderful time doing it all.


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