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Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the leading cause of sudden death in young people and is typically the result of undiagnosed structural or electrical heart disease.

The goals of the Nick of Time screening program are:

  • To detect hidden heart conditions with the potential for sudden death in the young.
  • To reduce sudden cardiac death through early detection, appropriate medical interventions and activity modification.
  • To raise awareness and educate schools and communities about sudden cardiac arrest, warning symptoms, and the value of heart screening.

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The 70’s Reunion and the love that sprung forth from that unbelievable weekend, may have been the first seed of inspiration which would later form the CCAA.


The John Donovan cancer benefit may have been another.


But chair Anne Galle was inspired, and a vision began to form for a non-profit organization made up of Half Moon Bay alumni working for Half Moon Bay Alumni.  Anne Galle reached out to several classmates to help her realize her vision and the CCAA was formed.


Since the CCAA was born, we’ve had many events, including the CCAA Launch weekend and the Pumpkin Festival.  Please look below under “recent posts” to read in detail and see pictures of everything we’ve been doing.  Enjoy, and keep calm and cougar on!  We welcome your comments and appreciate your interest.

keep calm

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