We thank you for your donation. It takes a village to help a village.

Those who grew up in Half Moon Bay know what a special place the coast side is, and those who currently reside there cannot imagine living anywhere else. But whether we lived there once, or live there still, we all know what a magical community exists around that beautiful bay shaped like a half moon.

These neighborhoods have given so much to us, in terms of memories, shared experiences, and lifelong friends. By giving back, we cannot only help alumni who have long ago graduated, but we can also help a new generation of Half Moon Bay High School alumni. We can help the schools, the people, and the neighborhoods. We can connect with each other, and we can protect one another. We can preserve the extraordinary and distinctive charm of the coast and its people. We can give of ourselves, and be rewarded by the knowledge that we are making our hometown a better place. By giving back, you can help to ensure that the coast and the coastsiders will have an even better tomorrow.

Nothing feels better than giving back to something that has given us so much.

Thank you for your help.

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